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James McIntosh has won multiple, international awards as a food writer. He is also a food consultant and TV presenter. Raised on a farm in Northern Ireland, he is now based in London.


Food producers and producers of food-related media can leverage James’ personality and profile to promote their product or service.



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James was the keynote speaker at the Belfast Focus on Food Conference in 2015 and at the Derry Enterprise Week 2015.  He has also spoken at food events throughout the world.





A Northern Ireland Food ambassador




James’ company advocates Great British and Northern Irish Food. He says our home grown products are worth making a noiseabout.






Food Noise™







James runs the kitchens for this prestigious event.





Quality Food and Drink Awards







 James’ TV series ‘Food Adventures on the Silk Road 2’ is now being shown on Air China international flights.






China Food Television




James is a global AGA Rangemaster Brand Ambassador. He has recently helped promote the benefits of these Great British cookers in North America and China.






AGA cookers




 Diners in London can eat food from just about every country in the world. James is documenting the definitive guide to London’s global cuisine experience.






London World Food


Family background.


“Mum was a home economics teacher, Dad was a farmer. I was brought up to appreciate fresh, honest, wholesome food.”

Proudest moment.


“When my Mix series of books were voted ‘best series of cookbooks in the world’ at the Gourmand World Cookbook awards.”



“I took a Masters degree in home economics. Then I worked for Le Cordon Bleu Cookery Schools and as a researcher for the Good Housekeeping


Biggest surprise.


“Being honored as Britain’s Food Ambassador of the year by the Farmers Weekly Magazine for my work in promoting British food in Asia.”

Most frightening experience.

“Cooking live in front of a huge audience at the Bird’s Nest Stadium, Beijing, and presenting the DayDayUp TV show to 100 million Chinese viewers.”

James in chefs whites.

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If you make a high-quality food or drink product and are interested in marketing to the enormous Chinese market, James’ Honest Food™ brand can help. Based in Hong Kong, Honest Food provides a managed, branded way to introduce your Great British or Northern Irish product to consumers from China and other Asian markets. Honest Food handles the packaging, shipping and marketing for you.









Honest Food









Retain James as a brand ambassador for your high-quality Great British or Northern Irish food or drink product. James is an expert in promoting quality food, drink and food-related products. He is a global ambassador for AGA Rangemaster, a TV presenter and a world award-winning author. If you want a spokesman to promote your product with passion … James can help.







Not ready for the Food Noise™ or Honest Food™ services?James can give small food and drink producers expert product development and marketing advice. It’s a valuable first step in developing your Great British or Northern Irish product into a popular brand.










Food Noise












Food consulting services


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Public presentations at food events


If you want some personality and flair for your public event, James can help. His speaking engagements include the University of New York, University of Dundee, Mikko College Jamaica, Association of Nutrition Service Agencies in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver, University of Osnabrück, London Metropolitan University and in 2008 presented a keynote at the International Federation for Home Economics centenary congress in Luzern, Switzerland.  He was the Keynote speaker at the Belfast Focus on Food Conference in 2015 and at the Derry Enterprise week 2015.

James speaking at Focus on Food conference, Belfast 2015.

TV & video presenter


James has presented many hours of food TV across the world, including  China where his 20 part TV series ‘Food Adventures on the Silk Road 2’ won the Chinese Media Award for Best documentary at the 2011 Awards. The series has been shown many times across China and has been shown on Air China. In 2013 James was awarded the Gourmand Award for Best TV Presenter.

Book publishing personality


If you create food-related titles, James can add personality to your next production. He has created a world award-winning series of cookbooks and writes regular consumer articles about food topics. He has also spoken at the Frankfurt Book Fair and Paris Cookbook fair.

James' cookbooks.

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