Nothing cooks like an AGA

"It makes my flat in London feel like a real home."


James cooking in the kitchen with AGA.



More Than A Cooker

As any AGA owner will tell you, an AGA is more than just something to prepare meals on.

The emotional response they will give you about their AGA tells you it’s about a way of life.

And a special one at that.


The AGA is made in Great Britain and exported around the world.

As James says, and knows all too well, an AGA makes a house (or even his London flat) a home.

Especially as since the launch of the 60cm wide AGA City60, there really is an AGA to fit every size of kitchen.

AGA range of cookers.
James cooking with AGA 1.
James cooking with AGA 2.
James cooking with AGA 3.
James cooking with AGA 4.

James and AGA Cooking



Growing up in Northern Ireland, James learnt to cook on a green two-oven oil AGA cooker on the family farm. Since those childhood days his family kitchen has been re-modelled to include an electric AGA Total Control.



For the past 10 years James has demonstrated the benefits of AGA cooking to thousands of people across the world. As the Global AGA Rangemaster Brand Ambassador, James has done much with AGA cookers.



He has flown from London to Beijing to present AGA Cooking demonstrations, back to Belfast and to San Francisco, up to Toronto and down to Virginia with AGA, not to mention across Europe too. He's written four world award winning cookery books on how to use an AGA cooker, presented countless AGA cookery demonstrations to audiences, and produced many AGA cooking videos too.

In his recent venture, James has travelled around London looking to see how the AGA cooker can create food from around the world in the UK’s capital city.

That followed an odyssey in the summer of 2011 when he fitted an AGA cooker in a van and drove it the length and breadth of the UK, attending every food show he could find.


So yes, you could say James is crazy about AGA cookers.


If you love your AGA - or want to find a bit more about AGA cooking - have a look below and help James in his quests.


James is the proud owner of a black electric AGA City60 in his London flat.

James calls his prized AGA cooker Angus.


AGA City60

AGA Total Control

AGA Living

Angus The AGA City60

James lives in a flat in Peckham in London with his partner the German Doctor, two cats (Gloria and Gaynor) and Angus the AGA cooker.


Angus is a black AGA City60 and James regularly blogs about his adventures with Angus, life with the Doctor and the Cats. You can follow the adventures of Angus the AGA City60 from his flat in Yuppy Valley Straße, Peckham on James' blog.


James' black AGA City60.

AGA Cooking Demonstrations


James is an Authorised Independant AGA and Rayburn Demonstrator.


Want to know how to use an AGA and have a natter with James at the same time? He’s available to either come to your home or you can come to his. Click here to contact James. Prices on request.


James has visited many homes. His wit and tales are great for a birthday party or group day out. Why not combine friends to split the cost? Each demonstration comes with a full recipe pack and lunch. These events are suitable for Rayburn cooker owners too.

How To Use An AGA Cooker

Ever wondered how to use an AGA?


They are easier than you think.


And you certainly don’t need to learn to cook again, as some people suggest.


Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to  download James’ free PDF on how to use an AGA cooker.

James cooking pancakes on an AGA.
FT blog article.

AGA Cookers In China

Due to his work in China presenting on China Food TV, James has been working closely with team AGA to launch AGA cookers in China.


You can read more about James’ AGA Cooking Adventures in China below.

Extending the Range article. The Telegraph article.
US flag.

AGA Marvel In North America


Not confined to his flat in London, James has launched AGA cookery products in New York, San Francisco, Washington and Toronto. Working with AGA Marvel - the leading source for premium cooking and refrigeration brands in North America - James launched the AGA Pro+ in 2010.


AGA Cookers and

The World In One City



These are a few of his favourite things: cooking, London, travel and AGA. So in 2011 James started a project to discover the world of food in one city.



As James says: “London is the world in one city, which means that all great dishes from across the world must be prepared somewhere in London. I intend to find them and cook all those recipes on the AGA cooker, to prove it is the best cooker in the world, whatever the cuisine.


Armed with a map of the world and a map of London, James has set forth to find restaurants and food producers where you can find an A to Z of meals cooked the Algerian to the Zambian way (via Inner and Outer Mongolia!).



James says: “I have travelled to over 40 countries, including China and America, to see their cuisine and explain how, whatever the technique, the AGA cooks it best. But I don’t even need to leave home to prove my point, because all the worlds’ cooking is right here in London.”



If you know anyone who has a London restaurant that wants to take part in James’ quest … please click HERE to email him.



You can read the story on James' blog


Buying An AGA Cooker


Today there certainly is an AGA cooker for everyone, from a small kitchen like James’ flat in Peckham to a large farmhouse. You can find your nearest stockist at

 “The days of flues and solid fuel are long of the past. Available in a large range of colours, sizes and fuel options, there really is an AGA for everyone."

James with the 1 millionth Rangemaster cooker.

Rangemaster Cookers


James writes a monthly blog for Rangemaster.


Click below to view it.


AGA Videos


James has presented many AGA cooking videos over the years.

You can see James in the videos below.


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