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Great British


Northern Irish food.

Chinese people love to find out about food from around the world. James' TV programs have reached one hundred million people with tips for fusion cooking and news about Great British cookery.

 If you're interesting in promoting Great British food to the Chinese market ... check out James' story below. There’s a contact form at the bottom the page.

Food Diplomacy


Global Gourmet Magazine

Global Gourmet magazine showcases great Western dishes to Chinese chefs and consumers. It's the 'go to' publication for Chinese foodies who are keen on Western recipes and fine wines.


James is a contributing editor to Global Gourmet magazine.


Global Gourmet also produce 'Agape', a prestigious annual cookbook, plus other publications and media events throughout the year. They also host the popular 'Chef par Excellence' food and beverage competition in China.

Since 2009 James has been working with AGA Rangemaster to launch the Great British Cookers in China.  At the launch on the 27th March 2015 James gave the first ever AGA demonstration in China to a packed room of journalists.

Product Launch


Launch of AGA in China


Magazine and Newspaper publications



James has written articles and been featured in numerous publications which have millions of readers.


Popular foodie publication 'East Eat Magazine' and the wildly popular 'Beijing Metro' have featured James' stories about fusion and

Great British foods.

The book featured the adventures of six chefs over two award winning TV series who travelled the 10,000km route, cooking local dishes in spectacular settings. Illustrated throughout with beautiful photographs of scenery, well known sights, food ingredients and cooked dishes, the book unveiled some of the many secrets of

Chinese food and culture.

TV program

Day Day Up


Shows to one billion viewers.



Just before the 2012 London Olympics James was invited to give a fusion cookery demonstration and talk about great British food on Day Day Up.


Day Day Up is China's most watched TV show, with around a billion people tuning in

(that's about 35 times the population of the UK!).


In a moment of madness James also displayed my dancing skills. Now a billion people know

he's no John Travolta!

TV program

Food Adventures on the Silk Road 2

Three chefs - one Chinese, one Muslim, and one from Northern Ireland (that's James) - cook their way across the Silk Road in China. And millions of Asian TV viewers love it.  It’s even being shown on Air China.


For this second 20-part series, my co-presenters Jimmy, Chakall and James take the Silk Road from X'ian - where the famous Terracotta Warriors come from - and cook our way to the Yumen Pass in the Gobi desert.


The Silk Road played a big part in the development of foods in China, the Middle East and Europe as herbs as spices were traded along the route.

Metro Style Magazine article.


 Silk Road partner books



Produced to tie in with the award-winning China Television series of the same name, Food on the Silk Road was primarily a tourist guide to this famous trade route, with chapters on each region's classic foods, recipes and history.  This popular book offered tips to travellers and included guidelines to producing traditional dishes.

Food on the Silk Road book cover.
Metro Style Magazine cover.
Food on the Silk Road book cover (Chinese).


Beijing International Culinary Competition

James took part in the 2012 Beijing International Cookery Competition as part of a project to promote Great British food.


He didn't win (the American team were  victorious that year) but James made some great contacts at the event.


There's a huge appetite for quality, Great British and Northern Irish food in China,  and James' Food Noise™ venture helps get  UK product in front of the right audience.


James has won two media awards in China

Gourmand World Cookbook Award Certificate 2013.
Gourmand Best in World logo.
Chinese Media Award certificate.

In 2011 James won the Chinese Media Award for

'Best Outstanding Documentary' at the

Chinese TV & Radio ceremony for the Silk Road series.



And in 2013 he received the Gourmand World TV Award

for the 'Best Food TV Presenter in the World'

for his work on China Food TV.

James is proud to be a patron of the Western International School of Shanghai. It's a private school that takes kids from pre-school through to graduation.


The school teaches kids from 40 nationalities in a Bauhaus-designed campus.


James works closely with the school to hero good food for a healthy lifestyle following the school's mission to: ‘cultivate healthy, balanced, confident and ethical people; striving to challenge and stimulate students to inquire, wonder, discover and create each day’ with the aims of sending out graduates not the world brave, compassionate, internationally minded global citizens with the skill and intellect to help shape the future’.


Western International School of Shanghai

WISS logo.


Promoting AGA Rangemaster cookers


James has had the honour of being a global Ambassador for AGA Rangemaster for a few years.

AGA Approved Ambassador logo.

And what could be more  quintessentially British?

Before the AGA brand was introduced to Chinese consumers, James created a paper entitled

 'Why Chinese Families Need AGA' to help explain the differences between British and Chinese cooking styles.

James has been cited in quite a few publications for my work on the different cooking styles, and my fusion cookery ideas.

FT Article. Extending the Range article. The Telegraph article.


Treaty Port Scottish Castle

Treaty Port crest.

Treaty Port is a Scottish-style castle in

China's Yantai, Shandong Province.


James loves visiting Treaty Port and over the years has presented TV programmes from here, as well as cooked dinner parties in the Great Hall for Chinese officials.


Wine buffs will be interested to note the the castle has its own 20 hectares of vineyards and makes a

very palatable wine on the estate.

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