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Great British Food. With nothing added.

Food that’s healthy … and full of natural goodness and flavour.  That’s the new range of Honest Food by James McIntosh™.


Forget about  ‘e numbers’ and all the other additives in modern food. James’ Honest Food is how your grandmother would have cooked.

Scroll down this page to see the exciting British foods in our growing range. If you love the natural taste of real food and want to eat healthily … you’ve come to the right place.


Honest Food Roast Chicken.

Here’s a quick exercise:



Let’s start with the premise that ‘you are what you eat’.


Now take a quick look at the packaging from the food you’ve eaten in the

last few days and answer the question:



Is my body :


a) a repository for a whole load of chemicals that I don’t even know what they are?




b) my body is a temple and I understand everything I’ve put in it?




If,  like 99% of the population,

your answer was a)

then it could be time to take action

about the quality of food that you eat.




Especially if you’re thinking about having a longer, healthier life.


And that’s because a lot of medical studies are saying there’s a direct link between the

additives in processed food and diseases like Alzheimers, heart problems, diabetes

and even the dreaded c-word.


Those additives range from the mysterious E numbers to the ubiquitous sugar.

Never mind water being added to make it look like you are buying more than you end up eating.

It’s a problem that world award-winning TV chef and food writer James McIntosh has tackled head on

with his new Honest Food™ range of packaged products.



Just because it’s packaged and ready prepared,James says,

it doesn’t mean you need to add a load of unsavoury ingredients with chemical names.

My rule of thumb is that if my grandmother wouldn’t

have understood what goes into my products, then it doesn’t get added.”



That’s why Farmers Weekly Magazine in the UK gave him a gold medal for his work as

Britain's Food Ambassador.


Now he has launched his Honest Food™ range with three Great British foods:


-Vacuum-cooked meat. .

-Cold pressed English extra virgin rapeseed oil.

-No added sugar ice cream.


James cooking in front of Chinese castle.
James' cookbooks and Farmers Weekly award.
James in jacket and tie.

About James McIntosh


James McIntosh has won multiple, international awards as a food writer and food tv presenter. Raised on a farm in Northern Ireland, he lives in London.


Insights ...


Family background. "Mum was a teacher, Dad was a farmer. I was brought up to appreciate fresh, honest, wholesome food."


Education. "I took a Masters degree in food. Then I worked for Le Cordon Bleu Cookery Schools and as a researcher for the Good Housekeeping Institute."


Proudest moment. “When my Mix series of books were voted ‘best cook books of the year’ at the Gourmand awards ceremony.”


Biggest surprise. “Being honored as Britain’s Food Ambassador by the Farmers Weekly Magazine for my work in promoting British food in Asia.”


Most frightening experience. "Presenting the DayDayUp TV show to 100 million Chinese viewers."


Highlights ...


China Television. James' TV series 'Food Adventures on the Silk Road 2' is now being shown on Air China international flights.


AGA. James is a global AGA Rangemaster Brand Ambassador. He has recently helped promote the benefits of traditional range cooking in North America  and China.


London World Food. Diners in London can eat food from just about every country in the world. James is documenting the definitive guide to London's global cuisine experience.


Food Awards. James runs the kitchens for the UK food awards.


Food Consulting. James works with food manufacturing companies to help develop new food ideas and promote businesses worldwide.

Nothing extra.

Just food you can have faith in.

Nothing extra.

Just food you can have faith in.

Honest Food Rapeseed Oil package.

Honest Food by James McIntosh™ Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is a single cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, from Somerset, England.  Suitable for all cooking tasks from light salad dressings to roasting and deep frying.


Unlike the crushing of most commercial, heat extracted vegetable oils (including Canola), no chemicals, solvents or heat are involved during the cold pressing process of our British Rapeseed oil which means it is a pure and simple oil, just as nature intended.  Not forgetting, it’s from a single farm in the UK so it’s GM free.


This helps to keep the level of free fatty acids (bad fats) very low and well below the level that is required in an Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Containing only 0.29gms of free fatty acids per 100gms, it's got more Omega 6 and 9's (the good fats) and is more versatile and healthier than most extra virgin oils.

Top chefs around the world use vacuum cooking™ to give their customers meat that is consistently excellent.


Now Honest Food by James McIntosh™ offers the same benefits to wholesale caterers.


- Top quality joints, vacuum wrapped and steam cooked for 24 hours.


- No additives … apart from a pinch of salt and a splash of Honest Food™ Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil.


- Delicious, moist meat ... time after time.


- No cooking shrinkage. Get up to 30% more slices per kilo.


- Quicker catering. From fridge to ready in 15-20 minutes.


- Better storage too. No blood, no wasted space, 90-day fridge life.

Honest Food roast meats.
James with Taywell icecream balancing on his head.

Beautiful ice-cream made in Kent; the garden of England.



Naturally as you would expect from James there are no artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers or additives.  Only whole milk is used, not a mix of milk powder and water to give a restaurant quality taste, rather than a produce developed for price.



Made by Taywell, a multi award-winning ice-cream manufacturer who have over 100 flavours all of our ice-cream has no added sugar, and I know I can’t taste the difference.  Simply, Honest Food™ Ice cream.


James on the farm.


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