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Welcome to the home


Honest Food

Ballylisk farm.

I was brought up

on a farm in

Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland is a special, magical place. And I had the good fortune to be raised on a farm in County Armagh. Dad was a farmer, and Mum was a home economics teacher. So you could say that good, Honest Food™ food is in my genes.


From plough to plate.

That’s my vision of

good food


In everything I do as a food writer and home economist, I focus on the benefits of healthy food.


With my Food Noise venture I promote the best of Great British and Northern Irish produce, for people who want traditional quality without preservatives,

colourings or hidden




I’m an ambassador for the best food from Northern Ireland

I’m proud to be an Ambassador for Northern Irish Food.

On my travels around the world, I’m also an Ambassador for AGA Rangemaster

and have an audience of 1 billion viewers for my China TV program.

I promote food from Northern Ireland at every opportunity.

It’s my passion, what I grew up with, and what I know.

In October 2015 Visit Belfast presented me with a recognition award for my work.


“Northern Ireland has a new found confidence in our artisanal food from many small producers across the province. I firmly believe that food from my home is some of the best in the world and is central to the Northern Irish economy for both inward tourism and export.”

Even when I’m in China, I rave about

Northern Ireland’s food



I was doing a cookery demonstration in China recently and a journalist asked what I thought about the food from my home country.

That’s Food Noisefor you!

Here’s what I said:

Northern Ireland could have ‘appelations’ and ‘terroirs’ The French understand how to market quality food. Champagne, Perigord ducks, Brittany moules, Cognac, Lyon charcuterie: just about every region has a food or drink speciality. Northern Ireland has the food heritage and micro climate to market world-leading food too. Come on … we can do this.

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I'm keen to support food producers and manufacturers in Northern Ireland.


In November 2014 I gave a presentation to the Northern Irish government called ‘Beyond the Plate’.


It’s all about looking ‘beyond the plate’ to see how Northern Irish food can bring external investment through export and inward tourism.


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